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About us Stephen is a Software Engineer with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. His primary professional experience has been at Intel Corporation in Oregon where he worked as a software engineer for over ten years.

Shona is an Accountant and has a Master's in Business Administration. She's the accountant/bookeeper for Tualatin Valley Junior Academy where our daughters, Karisa and Stephanie go to school..

Stephen is a co-founder of a business named Digital Media Applications ( which sells video to DVD conversion software and systems.

Catch up Check out some of our past holiday letters:
My rubiks cube pge This is a solution that I learned many years ago. It is not the most efficient compared to the methods used by speed cuber today but it is fairly easy to learn.
My guitar page This is a resource I created to share guitar music and links. You can also transpose any song on my website and print out your own sheet music of it.
Stephanie's Stop Motion Animation These movies were created by taking pictures with a digital camera and then importing them into Windows Movie Maker as a slide show at 0.125 second per slide (8 fps). A sound track can be recorded in WMM as well, but was not done for this project. The first movie was done as a Sabbath afternoon activity with Kiana Villegas. The second one was pretty much done on her own.
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Favorite websites This is a business which can convert your home videos and movies to DVD. Check them out, they're awesome. This is a business that sells video to DVD conversion software and systems. This is easy place to look up bible texts in different versions. This is one of my favorite price comparison websites. I like the seller ratings because it let's me know what kind of buying experience I can expect. I depend on the seller rating in choosing an online store that I've never used before. Check your broadband internet connection speed. If you think your internet connection is slow because of your system configuration, try using this TCP Optimizer. Karisa's favorite place to listen to kid's stories with moral lessons. A great way to learn guitar chords.