Transpose and print the music by following the simple instructions below:

Enter your own guitar music with cords and lyrics on consecutive lines. Click submit to enter your music into transposable format. You may use blank lines to separate blocks of music. Do not put blank lines between the line of chords and the line of words. You my also use the following keywords shown in the example below:

Replace the text in the box below with music of your own and then click the submit button to format and display. If the music is in the proper format, it should appear below the transpose buttons. You may also click the submit button with the sample music to see how the transposing works. If there is an error in the format, the submit button will appear to have no effect. Start with something short and simple and then slowly add to it, clicking submit often to make sure it keeps working. When you're done, you should probably save the text of your music in a file on your own computer, because after you close this page it will be gone. In fact if you reload the page by click the reload button or hitting F5, the page will return to it's original form and your changes will be gone.

  1. Alter the arrengement of the music below if you wish and click the submit button to accept your changes.
  2. Transpose the music to the key you want.
  3. Select the print preview option from the file menu or from the right-click popuop menu. Only the song will be printed, the rest of the stuff on this page will not show up on the print.
  4. Pick the scale or enter your own that would fill the page with your song.
  5. Click the print button.
  6. Make sure the desired printer is selected.
  7. Finally click OK to print.